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SYC 12

SYC (also known as Sayonara Youth Camp) is a Buddhist Youth camp that aims to ignite friendships, form bonds and make memories while developing leadership qualities in the youth of today and instilling the values of Buddhism into them.

This year, it will be our first camp in 10 years, but also the 12th iteration of SYC.

Outdoor Activities

Being active and outdoors is very important for a healthy mind. Sports activites and relaxation areas such as hammocks, tire swings and campfires will be available for those interested. Meditation huts are also available for the more spiritual youth.


Creativity Skills

One of the key things to success in today's world is being unique and creative. At SYC, we aim to foster creativity as well.



eSports is one of the newest activites we will have at our upcoming camps. Our new facility will be equipped with fibre optic internet and energy efficient power supply for this purpose.

Young Girl Playing Computer Games

Leadership Skills

Leadership is vital and important for 21st century skills.


Buddhist Values

Dhamma Talks and discussions related to Buddhism will be held as well at Ti-Ratana Centres for SYC.



As we progress from school to university, or university to the workplace, connections and networking are vital for our survival. SYC aims to help form everlasting bonds between people that will be beneficial to everyone, in the present and in the future.

Camping on the Beach
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