Our Principles

Faith. Wisdom. Compassion.

Although the core main values of Buddhism are Wisdom, Renunciation and Compassion, we here at mettaworld also put the Buddhist Faith as our principle.

There is a story about a Buddhist healer in Myanmar. Usually, traditional healers carry around with them a bag-full of herbs. This particular one did not, yet was a very much sought after healer. One day, someone asked him, “What’s your secret?” He was on his way to see an old lady who was ill. So he asked his questioner to follow him and to have faith in him. The doctor instructed the old woman’s daughter to say. “I am my mother’s daughter. By the power of this truth, may she be well.” The old woman recovered. 

Thus, faith is important as well.

Wisdom, in Buddhism, can also be interpreted as intelligence and understanding. This intelligence is not only of subject matter in studies and in the corporate workplace, but also the phenomena of nature and how the world works around us.

Compassion is based on the value of loving-kindness, which is known as "Metta" (which is the origin of our name), and indicates unconditional loving-kindness and love for all beings in the world, with absolutely no exceptions.